Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Impacting News

Sometimes you hear some news that stops and makes you think and has an impact on you. Even if it is news about something that has happened to somebody you never knew particularly well, they still have connections with you just because you know who they are and always came across as such a lovely person and you think how could 'that' happen to 'them' ....'that' and 'them' are so far removed from each other that to breathe them in the same sentence is just pure wrong.

So maybe bad things happen because it makes people stop and think about their own life which we so often take for granted and gives them the reminder they need every now and then to live life to the very limits of its possibilities because without warning these limits can suddenly be reduced.And you'll be left wishing you reached for those limits when they were less pressing and claustrophobic.

My life has become an endless rotation of thinking of the Great Gatsby from new and varied angles so tomorrow an appreciative reflection of Gatsby and friends.

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