Saturday, 4 June 2011

Lay on the floor and look at the sky.

A lot of the time when I want peace and a breathing stillness I lie on the floor....

The world takes on a new perspective, 'above me' suddenly looms directly into my eyes and becomes 'in front' of me.

It's a way for me personally for a minute or two to stop all the rushing that goes on in life, to breathe a bit deeper, for my tired body to droop and settle, my mind to stop its whirling thoughts, for me to just exist in the present moment for once rather than thinking what I need to do in the future or recollecting something said or done in the past.

My lying on the floor is me taking a moment to appreciate the here and now and a token chance to just be rather than existing just to do, it is me regrouping and collecting myself- remembering who I really am and what life should be about- a calm and stillness before I get up once more and continue with the to-ing and fro-ing of daily life where you can easily loose yourself amongst the tasks that need to be done and the people that expect so much from you.

So for this next week, each post will be accompanied by a picture from this perspective. Lying on the floor over the years has taught me the sky is beautiful and endless and even the plainest ceiling makes the ideal canvas for your thoughts. Here is the first picture:

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