Thursday, 15 September 2011

Life should reflect art

Today I looked into the life of Oscar Wilde because I could and because the internet lets you wonder and find out about anything and one thing leads to another. Apparently he was into 'aestheticism'. This was a movement in art that basically said that beauty was the sole purpose of art, that beauty was all it needed.

It denied that art is created for any political, social or moral reasons. In fact art had no purpose except to be and show beauty. Art was beauties home and vice-versa, In this way life should reflect art as opposed to the other more usually conceived perception that art should reflect and imitate real life.

This led to a life philosophy of enjoyment, life is to be enjoyed and full of pleasures and good things. Rationality was frowned upon and 'intuition' heralded as the crucial human sentiment, science seen as utterly inadequate when compared to the potential and possibilities of human 'intuition'. The ephemeral intuition, the start of all creativity, the connection to the spiritual, YES I agree 'intuition' is where it is at and where things should start.

Oh the romance of it all, 'Art is beauty' and all life should do is reflect art and therefore be beautiful. If only life was this simple. To live at a time when this was strongly believed in by small intellectual circles, to move and converse in such circles. I know, I know such things exist today but it doesn't seem as quixotic, dreamy or idealistic some how.

I love the idea behind 'aestheticism' and I love that knowledge is so readily available to me and surely that is both the curse and blessing of this modern age. But I have got such a thirst to know more at the moment, it can't be quenched. I want to know all there is to know about art, music, literature, words, history, ideas, human beings and life. I could spend the rest of my days just finding out more, understanding more, becoming more.

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  1. Oscar Wilde is one of my favorite authors. I agree with his philosophy of art for art's sake. It's sad that someone who cared so much about beauty met with such an ugly end. People can be unbelievably cruel and ignorant. What a fascinating man Wilde was.


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