Saturday, 29 October 2011

A mish mash.

Some fleeting thoughts from today that were grabbed and etched on to a page. Fleeting and grabbing, all I really have time for at the moment.

Sometimes what a shame this world has people. But then there would be no one to appreciate it's beauty and then what would be the point in it's beauty?

I want to spend forever outside on days like today.

I wonder, does wildlife know its a glorious day and rejoice and languish in it and throw back their heads and feel the sunshine and knowingly receive the warmth and freshness on their backs or is it just another day?

On days like today the inside is nothing more than a trap keeping the best of this world away.

Lord make sense of what I'm doing because too much of it doesn't.

Why can't it at the most basic level just be for the enjoyment of learning why does it have to mean so much more?

From reading a bit of 7th century Life of Symeon, 'Truly no onw knows a person's deeds without knowing the person's spirit'.

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