Sunday, 2 October 2011

Thoughts for a Sunday Night before another week.

Is this Sunday the end of the last week or the beginning of the next? Are these thoughts the sum collation of a week already lived or in anticipation of a week yet to come?

This moment right now is your happiest, because you know and feel it better than any other, it is immediate and 'here' surrounding you in time. Because you are alive for one more moment on this earth and that moment is tangible to you and only you. This moment holds everything you need it to hold for now and so by it's existence it is perfect.

Should I let this anger go, is that the good and right thing to do? Does anger help anyone or does it burn and cut, usually yourself more than the one it is directed against? Sometimes though you need anger don't you, -to get riled up, to give you the blind faith that you are right, allowing you to voice your opinion that you otherwise would've kept hidden away. So take the anger made by last week's happenings and channel it into something useful to face the week ahead, sleep on it and turn it into strength, a slow-burning strength.

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